Japanese Canteen, Belgian Spirit.
At lunch you’ll create your own plate of our signature curry made with locally grown and sourced vegetables. First, choose the base between udon or rice. Second, choose the topping of your choice from options that depend on our chef’s mood. There are always two meat options and two veggie options. Finally, add some extras to top it off!
In the evening, you’ll find a selection of sharing plates ranging from okonomiyaki to japanese barbecue dishes which will change according to the seasons and the availability of produce.
The mindful Flavorists
Raphaël and Elie met at the top of Mount Fuji while meditating. Elie called out to Raphaël in his subconscious and asked him to walk the joyous path of entrepreneurship together. The next morning, they daydreamed about their common destiny on a lotus flower which bloomed and released a marvelous perfume of passion and determination.
Raphael and Elie
Seriously now, Raphaël and Elie were drawn together by a passion for Japanese food and their desire to share it. Combined with a tendency to rethink traditions, Raphaël oversees food development and the kitchen, while Elie is in charge of customer service and vibes.
The place
Konchu is a Japanese curry canteen where culinary masterminds blend a love for Japanese gastronomy with Belgian quirks, all in a delicious spicy sauce. Housed in a listed heritage building built by Belgian Art Nouveau architect Ernest Blerot, Konchu’s interior is inspired by the canteens of childhood memories. With the help of esteemed interior architect Thibault Villez, the aim was to create a cozy atmosphere with a dash of Japanese design in which everyone feels welcome.
Meet our little beetle, Konchu (昆虫). Although all our dishes are insect free, our mascot is a plucky beetle. This beautiful creature represents Konchu’s mission to provide balanced meals with sustainable ingredients in an ambiance steeped in nature and culture. We want to be remembered as that great, no frills place in Brussels serving Japanese curry (made with the support of ever-changing suppliers according to season and mood) and showing fresh art by emerging artists.
Konchu Logo (Beetle)
The Food
“Kare raisu” (“curry rice”) is one of the most popular dishes in Japan: it's a staple in school canteens and for family meals, eaten at least once a week. The essence of this dish is a warm comforting sauce into which a spice blend is added. There’s no one word to describe the Kare’s taste because so many kinds exist, and so many secret ingredients are added to each of them, depending on the region. So you will have to find out for yourselves!
Kare raisu (curry rice) bowl
Different stories exist on the explanation of the Kare’s arrival in Japan, the most credible one being that the British imported it from India during the Meiji Period (1868 – 1912). You’re probably familiar with some of the spices used in Japanese curry blends, but some of the more uncommon ones include fenugreek and dried orange peel which give floral and tangy aromas. Here at Konchu we add two secret ingredients dear to our Belgian motherland, can you guess what they are?
Dried orange peel
From our soft drinks to our wine list, we work with local suppliers who share our vision of living sustainably.
Brasserie Illegaal has won us over by combining great beers with amazing design and a passion for sharing. They are also heavily involved in cultural and musical events.
Brasserie Illegaal Logo
Frederic Geinaert, mixologist, is our mad cocktail scientist who has tailord each drink to include one ingredient from our curry blend.
Frederic Geinaert, mixologist
L'Annexe provides us with a range of local fermented fot drinks. No nonsense added.
L'Annexe (brasserie, fermenterie)
Comptoir Florian offers us relaxing tea dn herbal infusion blends.
Comptoir Florian
Wide Awake is the ultimate local coffee roaster exclusively making small batches using ethically sources beans.
Wide Awake Coffee logo
The Contributors
Hold on, the story doesn't end there. We still have to thank all the kind souls who helped us along the way.
HUB.Brussels was the first to extend their helping hand, and selected Konchu for a four-month pop-up trial period. Kokotte is a Brussels-based initiative providing young entrepreneurs with a fully equipped kitchen and dining room in order to try out their culinary projects. The platform is offered at a low cost and is supported by a team of food industry professionals.
HUB.Brussels logo
Eleonora Fumini is the free spirit behind our logo, drawings, and hand-drawn lettering.
Eleonora Fumini illustration
Plusminus Studio are behind Konchu's visual identity including our custom font, menus, and this amazing fanzine. Together with UX/UI designer Ambroise Bellec, they brought our website to life.
Plusminus Studio team picture
Ambroise Bellec drawing in his sketchbook
Thibault Villez is the talented interior architect who conceived the layout, plans, and mood of our interior.
Thibault Villez, interior architect, logo
Julian Clearhout (C-System) and his team are the hands that renovated, rebuilt, and restored this amazing location.
C-System SRL construction logo
Louis Génard (Wood Knows) and his team are the hands that renovated, rebuilt, and restored this amazing location.
Louis Genard (WoodKnows) logo
Tchop and her spicy personality made sure we were on the right track developing Konchu as our consultant.
Eureka! Food Agency logo